Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Exhibition!

These are the other three paintings that I showed at the exhibition...I had five in all. I ended up selling the zebra, and a sunset that I posted a photo of awhile back. :) It was a really great experience, and I met a lot of other artists. It was a long day, but I really enjoyed it. 

I like how this sunset turned out, but it looks COMPLETELY different from the reference. To the point where the only similarity is that it's a beach scene and the land is black. 20x30 inches, 8 hours of work. 

I wanted something bright, cheerful, and Liberian. I based this painting off of a photo I took up in Lofa county, here in Liberia. I really enjoyed the textures in this. 20x20 inches, about 7 hours of work.

This one's small - 8x10 inches, about 5 hours of work. I really enjoy working in black and white. A good friend of mine purchased it on Saturday. :)